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Disabled in Lembak can Benefit From Social Service Muara Enim

Lembak PP - Muara Enim regency government handed over humanitarian compensation to 80 residents in the District Lembak Muara Enim in South Sumatra that suffered severe disability.

The handover was held at the district office Lembak Jalan Sudirman Central Crossing Lembak-Palembang yesterday Friday (10/02/2017).

Posmetroprabu.com watchlist, delivery of assistance to people with disabilities in the sub-district office Lembak only symbolic, because many disabled people can not attend due to physical condition does not allow, and access to the Head Office of houses far enough.

Head of Social Services estuary Enim Regency Drs Teguh Jaya MM through Ka.Uptd Dinsos.Asep Rahmat SH when met at the district office hall Lembak said delivery of aid that exists today has been based on previous data collection.

"Innovation Direct service is based on data collection where the recipient of our first data and examined by the team. Most of this audience are those who have a physical disability" he said.

It is said, in the Muara Enim 2017 budget is the Social Affairs Office will focus more on people with disabilities. This assistance is also being conducted and continued not only in District Lembak. Other districts in Muara Enim will soon follow, he said, adding that for people with disabilities who can not attend will be visited home.

Camat Lembak Elvik Frances MS.i who participated in the data collection for people with disabilities District of Lembak expressed his gratitude for the attention of local government to the people with disabilities in the region could be helped.

"Thanks To Bupati Muara Enim and all parties involved in the distribution of this assistance. Government District of Lembak as beneficiaries in this activity has to work optimally. The number of beneficiaries can we make sure it is based on field data that as many as 80 people with disabilities who are eligible to receive assistance "he said.

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