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Pemkot Prabumulih Accept Help Tractors and Unit 2 City Bus

PRABUMULIH, PP - Government Prabumulih back to get help from the central government in the form of a four-wheel tractor unit and two units of urban transit buses. Help tractors came from the Ministry of Agriculture, while the urban transport bus coming from the Ministry of Transportation.

Mayor Prabumulih H Ridho Yahya, said the assistance given by central government, can be used and utilized for the benefit of society.

Central government assistance, please Ridho, can boost the performance of government officials Prabumulih to further improve service to the public.

"I do not want to, there are reports from the public, the aid can not be utilized by the community," said Ridho.

Hope it delivered Ridho tractors and buses, after giving it to the farmer groups and the Head of the Department of Transportation Prabumulih weekly apple during a ceremony at Government Office page Prabumulih, Monday (13/2).

Head of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Drs Syamsurizal SP MSi said four-wheel tractors will be earmarked for farmers' groups combined (gapoktan) se Cambai subdistrict. "This time we will submit to the tractor Gapoktan Cambai. But the tractor will be positioned in the village Pangkul, "he said.

Previously it had to get two tractors and ministries to help Prabumulih District of West and Central ax Rambang (CTR).

"Yes, we hope that this tool can support agricultural activities in the city Prabumulih. The use of tractors that could be done by all farmers in these districts, "he explained.

Now about the three districts that have not received the help of tractors, continued Syamsurizal, it will continue to seek the means of agricultural machinery. "The tractor can be used for all types of agriculture. With hope, the economic level of the community can be better, "he said.

Meanwhile, the streets in Prabumulih be colored urban bus transport. Two buses assistance unit of the Ministry of Transportation, will operate on the route from Jungai 7, Karya Mulia, Payuputat, Pangkul and later the entry to the terminal, then it could be around the city, "said Head of Transportation Prabumulih Drs H Syarifuddin.

According to Syarifuddin, urban transport bus route is planned from Pangkul, Ring Road, Padatkarya, Jalan Sudirman, to Tugu Pineapple Patihgalung.
"However, we are waiting for instructions and the instructions Mayor, about this route," he said.

Previously, the Department of Transportation Prabumulih submitted to the Ministry of Transportation as many as 20 units. The bus was later to improve urban transport with the presence of public transport.

"In Prabumulih wanted no public transportation, so we've created in the year 2015-2016 estimate these twenty units, even the proposal has been included in the ministry because of the limitations RPJM trimmed to ten units, and ultimately can only be two," he said, adding, in the future, it will continue to fight for Prabumulih could have 20 buses transport umum.karena insyallah there will be additional. hopefully the target of 20 units is reached, "said Syarifuddin. (Adv / humaspbm)

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