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Rano: Banten Election Event Not Mutually Conquer

BANNTEN, TS - Banten Governor elections had its day. Candidate Pair Number Two Rano Karno and Embay Mulya Syarief Banten invites residents to the success of the elections while keeping the elections were peaceful.

In the official letter published, Rano grateful for being able to walk peacefully Banten elections.

"We're through it in peace, without any problems or disputes that means. We are grateful for all of this. Maturity and greatness of soul Banten community in managing the different options have been presented in a way that is so charming," said Rano, in an official statement on Saturday (11 / 2).

Common sense and conscience sane, said Rano, has encouraged residents of Banten throw all kinds of slander and lies is blown while the parties in the event the elections were supposed to do with honor and full of dignity.

"We often frowned-and I do not ever able to find a piece of any excuse to justify-if there are parties that insist breathes lies and seunggun stories that do not stand on reality. Just for the sake of a pile of reins, the peak of the throne, and the power of mortal, "he said.

Rano emphasized that she and her partner, did not understand the contestation of the election is an attempt to conquer, because the final choice of the people of Banten must be interpreted as a victory for common property. Nobody should feel defeated, because the true power of the highest offered for the prosperity and well-being together.

"It is not controlled by the family, not monopolized by those nearby in the environment is very limited"

He also expressed his gratitude for the citizens has been pleased to accept it in any campaign. In the letter, Rano states that have heard and listened anxiety, grief, and not a little sadness hidden in the mind.

"I'm sorry if we promise only for something that would believe we can accomplish. We do not want at the end of the tenure we dubbed as a liar and a sower false hope in people's eyes because of the promise that we can not prove it. We do not want just for the sake of power, lies and promises nirnalar regarded as the subject of commonplace, "

In his letter, Rano wrote, "To the fishermen and farmers. To the traders. On the women. At the entrepreneurs. At the cultivators, artisans, and laborers in the factories. In the young people who received the relay in the future. On the whole society Banten. We wakafkan ourselves to the progress and welfare of the people of Banten. We're not perfect, but we will present the best thing that we can. our faith is not deep faith of Abu Bakr, but we also fear the wrath of God. We are not conclusive of Umar, but we also fear the prayers of those who terzhalimi sent to the edge of the sky. We did as much as Uthman, but we were afraid of the people's rights are not fulfilled. We're not as tough as' Ali, but we were afraid if they are living on the edge as dhu 'afa we can not defend ".

In the letter, Rano also expressed gratitude to the thousands of Rais Aam NU KH Ma'ruf Amin who has accepted his presence.

"The story KH Ma'ruf Amin night it along nearly 2 hours on the involvement of Sukarno M Noor-my father-in Rano Karno Artists Cultural Organization Muslimin Indonesia strengthen the knowledge of my father as part of a large family of Nahdlatul Ulama. Prayer of KH Ma'ruf Amin, indeed, is very valuable for us, "

He did not forget to give thanks to the ucapakan Muhammadiyah and will follow in the footsteps of Ahmad Dahlan to stand with those who are destitute. Also, thank you very deep on every prayer, hope, and support that have been submitted by Mathla'ul Anwar, Al Khairiyah, and various other Islamic organizations.

At the end of the letter, Rano invites, party cadres bearers, volunteers, and all citizens of Banten keeping the situation to remain favorable, quiet, and safe, to the actual election day. Do not let money politics conducted while damaging the quality of democracy we wish to build. Invite all citizens to attend to places of voting on Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

Rano said, Let conscience leads citizens to vote and cast the number 2. Do not let the cheating happens, do not let things should not injure the voice of the people. Make the election as an arena to celebrate pluralism with gratitude and joy.

"In the end, let us ask for prayer. Strengthen us on the right path. Be strong we walk on the straight path. May God protect us all," he said

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